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How to program Simon XT, Simon XT programming, installer code

GE Simon XT programming, manual, installer code

Ge Simon XT programming manual, code

Ge Simon XT is a reliable security system for your home. XT is designed to protect your family from the danger. You can use up to 40 different sensors. For example you can connect a wide variety of sensors: smoke detectors for fire protection, water sensors, CO sensors (Carbon monoxide gas), freeze sensors, indoor/outdoor motion sensors and windows sensors.  The security system Simon XT has a large LCD, large number of action buttons, simple operation and programming with single button.

To start programming the Simon XT you need to download a latest version of installation manual. Download the Simon xt installation manual here or contact the manufacturer directly.

To enter system programming menu you need to press scroll up/scroll down or enter buttons located in the upper-right corner of control panel. To enter option edit mode, navigate up on level or to exit a menu press the STATUS button. Program automatically exits the system programming menu after 5 – 10 seconds of inactivity if no code has been entered.

Each menu contains a submenu and list of function. To navigate the system menu press down button or up button, for editing and flashes the current value press enter button.

GE Simon XT system menu:

System programming menu contain submenus:

Be attentive don’t remove the power while in program mode.

Full list of commands and functions you can find in Simon XT programming manual. How to program Ge Simon xt functions you can find in Simon xt programming guide.

Simon XT installer code, dealer code, master code, user code, downloader code

Simon XT Dealer code – Dealer code allow you all programming (full access).
Simon XT Installer code – Installer code is limited to change all but the following: Downloader code, dealer code, SIA limits, Phone report mode, code length, phone lock.

Download Simon XT programming manual (pdf)

Download Simon XT V2 installation manual (pdf)

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